Tips for airsoft beginners to buy great gear

Airsoft can be a fun and entertaining sport. It is no surprise that the public has been able to take to this sport in a big way over the last few years. Yet, there are many beginners who are struggling to get to grips with the game. This struggle is prominent even when they are trying to do the basics like buying gear. Let us go through some tips for choosing great gear before heading to play airsoft.

The primary ingredient – Gun

The most important ingredient when it comes to the world of airsoft would be the weapon. It can be overwhelming to choose the gun due to the sheer number of options present in the market. It is necessary to not break the wallet when choosing the first weapon. Some brands like Elite Force tend to provide exceptional quality at a fair price. These options will give out guns that are priced attractively, reliable over a long period, customisable to a great extent, and easily upgradable when the time is right. The guns have to be chosen based on various parameters with one of the key being the power required to shoot.

There are a number of power sources like compressed air, Green gas, battery, CO2 power, and more. If they run on batteries, these will be ideal for travelling since they do not take up a lot of space. For someone who is just entering into the world of airsoft, a battery-powered option would be the better pick. After setting up the gun, airsoft players should focus on getting proper gear – face and eye protection.


The gun is not the only ingredient in airsoft, as proper clothing also has to be chosen before hitting the field. Most of the users will be going with a battle dress uniform, which is an excellent choice when their durability. There will be a ton of hits for the beginner in the field and the clothing should be able to take most of the brunt without any complaints. The battle dress uniforms tend to come with a material that is very durable. One has to accompany this clothing with gloves and tactical scarf so as to complete the picture.

Face protection

Even though airsoft can be considered as a safe sport, it remains the same only when some level of safety standards are used. One of the key requirements is to protect the eyes, ears, and jaw using a great face protection. There are some key options the market like eye goggles that are paired up with a paintball mask or a mesh face shield. There are a number of products in the market to suit different requirements. For example, people can go with the smaller protection which is almost similar to sunglasses in the design. It is also possible that users can opt for designs that are similar to shooting goggles or ski googles. Some of the best options are Valken Mi-7 and Empire Helix. The likes of Valken are regarded as excellent manufacturers of face protection for airsoft games.